Bec Stone

Bec-1_LR-3-e1453529185407-624x751B.H.Sc. (Nutritional Medicine), Cert. III Gym Instructor, Cert. IV Personal Trainer, Bronze Level Swim Coach

I am a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and spin class instructor who is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals to reach and maintain their optimal health and wellbeing.

I strongly believe in using food as medicine, particularly for people aiming to achieve peak athletic performance or optimise their weight and digestive health.

As a former national-level swimmer and runner as well as a recreational triathlete and state-level swimming coach, I have been involved and interested in sports nutrition for the last fourteen years.

Throughout my time in the sporting industry, I have found very little education or information is provided to athletes, parents or coaches on the benefits of eating whole foods to boost sports performance, recovery and physical development.

Through my personal experience as an athlete and coach, I’ve seen that the majority of advertised and recommended sports nutrition products are of poor quality and full of chemical sweeteners and artificial additives as well as poorly absorbed proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. In the long term, these are detrimental to an athlete’s digestive and liver health, overall wellbeing and sports performance.

I have a strong passion for educating individuals and athletes on the benefits of consuming whole foods and high-quality natural supplements to obtain the optimal nutrition required before, during and after training sessions and races, to promote optimal sports performance, recovery, and muscle development.

I use advanced nutrition analysis to create highly individualised meal plans for both athletes as well as people struggling with food intolerances or simply wishing to achieve their optimal weight.

I look forward to working with you to achieve a happier, healthier you.