Is Rice Milk Low FODMAP?

Rice, whether it is brown, white or basmati rice, has green FODMAP rating, meaning that rice is considered a well-tolerated food by FODMAP and IBS sufferers. Therefore it is surprising to find that rice milk actually has a high/red FODMAPS rating when ¼ of a cup or more of it is consumed.

The main FODMAPS found in rice milk are oligosaccharides as well as small amounts of fructans, whereas these FODMAPS are only found in very low levels in all types of rice.

While it is still not completely understood why rice is a low FODMAP food and rice milk is a high FODMAP food, the current theory is that the processing of rice to rice milk could be what is resulting in a high FODMAP final product.

Rice is made up of many long chain carbohydrates that are broken down in the process of forming rice milk. It is therefore believed that the breakdown of these long chain carbohydrates from rice to rice milk results in additional oligosaccharides being created, thus therefore greatly increasing the total FODMAP content of rice milk when compared to just rice.

There is still a lot more research needed on this topic for us to fully understand why rice milk is so much higher in FODMAPS than rice is. However if you have been following or a are planning on following a low FODMAP diet, I would recommended you avoid rice milk and consume other forms of milk alternatives such as almond milk or hemp milk – which are both green FODMAP foods.

Some great almond milk brands to try are:

-Keeping It Real Foods – Almond Milk

-Inside Out Almond Milk

-Nutty Bruce Organic Activated Almond Milk

-Pure Harvest Activated Almond Milk

*Find the above almond milks in your local organic/ health food store or online.


Or you could try making your own hemp milk – check out Hemp Foods Australia website for a great hemp milk recipe.


Bec Stone