Top Ten Paleo Snacks On The Run

When switching to a real food diet, a lot of people struggle to find what snacks to eat or feed their family.

Here are my top ten Paleo snacks on the run that ANYONE – even Mr Busy on a busy day – will be able to get together in no time at all.

castelvetrano1. OLIVES

A great source of monounsaturated fat to keep you feeling full for longer, olives are Number 1 on my Top Ten Paleo Snacks On The Run list. They have great immune boosting properties thanks to their anthocyanin antioxidants. Recent research has also identified some phytonutrient in olives with strong anti-histamine properties making these little round nuggets great for allergy sufferers.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Check the ingredients when buying olives. I generally prefer organic ones in simple brine, kept in glass jars. Avoid canned ones and products containing added sulphites.


paleo_trail_mix2. DIY TRAIL MIX

Soak a load of almonds, macadamias, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans and walnuts in water and sea salt and keep in the fridge. Drain a small amount and add a few unsweetened coconut flakes, raisins and/or 100% cacao nibs for an extra antioxidant boost.

If you don’t like your nuts ‘wet’ you can dehydrate them in the oven at 50 degrees overnight (or in dehydrator). Don’t go nuts on your nuts! Chew them really well and slowly and you’ll feel full on just a small handful.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Opt for organic or pesticide-free nuts and unsulphured raisins.


avocado_smoked_salmon3. AVOCADO WRAPPED IN SMOKED SALMON

Squeeze of lemon, dusting of pepper or paprika and voila’, you’ll have the most sophisticated snack on the planet.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Ideally you’ll source wild smoked salmon but it’s really hard to find in Australia. The next best thing is Yarra Valley Organic salmon, which is bred in earthen ponds fed by waterfalls in the Victorian Alps.



king_island_beef_jerky4. PLAIN BEEF JERKEY

Make your own in a dehydrator or buy from a well stocked health food shop. High in protein, b complex vitamins, iron and zinc, beef jerky really packs a punch in energy-making nutrients.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Choose grass fed beef for the highest anti-inflammatory omega 3 content. I like Tasmanian King Island Grass Fed Beef Jerky.




sustainable_wild_canned_salmon5. CAN OF WILD SALMON IN WATER

Need I say more? It doesn’t get easier than this. Great for protein and omega 3 content. If you can’t fit a can opener in your handbag it’s time to go shopping.


REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Go for plain, unflavoured salmon.



hard_boiled egg6. HARD BOILED EGGS

You can wrap these in a slice of prosciutto for a flavour kick or dip them in home-made mayo or guacamole. They’re also really nice topped with a slice of sundried tomato.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Choose pastured eggs for their higher omega 3 content. When choosing free range eggs, it’s always best to phone the farm to find out if the hens really do have access to open pasture.




Leftover tuna, sardines, prawns, cooked chicken, canned salmon, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise with julienned carrots, cucumber, capsicum, celery. For an extra nutrient boost, spread some mayo or avocado (you can tell I’m not a sushi purist, right?).

Nori is a great source of trace minerals and has thyroid and liver boosting properties.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Most nori from Japan is currently contaminated following the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown. Opt for organic Chinese nori instead.




Mmmmmmm. If you’re out of bananas don’t panic. Just eat the coconut butter. Mmmmmm.

REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Make sure the coconut butter is virgin and unsweetened.






Who needs bread when you can spread nut butter on paper-thin slices of apple? A marriage made in heaven.


REAL FOOD DETECTIVE: Choose organic apples. Ideally, make your nut butter from activated (soaked) nuts to improve nutrient absorption.




Halve an avocado, scoop out a bit of the flesh and stuff with mashed, canned salmon or tuna, cut-up roasted chicken with home made mayo, cherry tomatoes, a few seeds and boiled potato or salmon roe with lemon, smoked salmon and dill or nut butter.