The Importance of Water Filters for Your Restaurant Equipment

These systems prevent contaminants such as cysts, sediments, mineral deposits, and scale from entering water lines and equipment. It helps to avoid the taste of chlorine and odor in ice and drinks. This helps to keep equipment in good working order and keeps water clean. Mineral buildup in machines will cause them to run less efficiently, and they’ll break down more quickly. This means that you lose money. It will invalidate the warranty for most ice machines if they are fed with poor-quality water. Spending a few hundred bucks on a water filter system will save you thousands in the long run! We make it simple to select the right filter for your ice maker by pairing a C Pure Oceanloch system with your order.

Want more proof that a filter will be needed? Look at the gunk that we found in a water tank from a standard office. Below are images of what a water container will look like after about a year without a filter. It was necessary to scoop out the buildup because it was so thick. Install a water filtration before using your equipment to avoid this mess!

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Types of water filters

While the Safe Drinking Water Act has protected U.S. water since 1974, experts say that tap water does not always meet health guidelines. You cannot always control where your water comes from, but you can add an extra layer to protect yourself against contaminants by buying an efficient filter. The most common types of water filters are:


As water flows through these systems, porous carbon absorbs the impurities. These systems remove lead, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), chlorine by-products, radon, and pesticides. They also remove some bacteria and pharmaceuticals.


These systems are often used in conjunction with carbon filters to filter water extremely finely. These systems are more wasteful of water (4 to 9 gallons per gallon) during the filtering process. These filters remove more chemicals than carbon filters, such as perchlorate (which can cause water to taste salty), sulfates (which can cause water to smell bad), fluoride, and industrial chemicals.

These units kill microorganisms using ultraviolet radiation. These units are used to polish water or as a pretreatment in the filtration system. They can also be used in conjunction with carbon filtering systems to remove solid contaminants.

Filters For Your Ice Machine

You wouldn’t serve an ice-cold beverage, would you? It would help if you didn’t buy an ice maker without using a filter. It will also increase customer satisfaction because it will eliminate the funky flavor caused by mineral deposits in the water that is used to make the ice. Blocking mineral deposits and contaminants will also ensure that the machine runs longer, preventing breakdowns. Here are the top reasons you should buy a filter for an ice machine.

  • Drinks that taste better (because the ice is free of contaminants)
  • Ice production increases
  • Filter reduces energy consumption, as the machine is more efficient.
  • Longer ice machine life
  • Most ice machines will not be covered by warranty if the feed water is of poor quality

Ice Machine Filters Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Mineral deposits and scale can develop even with the correct filter kit on the interior of the ice maker. This can reduce performance and efficiency. Use an ice-machine cleaner like Noble Chemicals Arctic ice-machine cleaner to prevent this buildup. This solvent can be used in any ice machine and will safely remove the buildup while protecting the tin or nickel-plated evaporators. It’s also available as a concentrated cleaner or a ready-to-use formula.

Filters For Your Coffee Pot

If you use dirty decanters or airports to make coffee, the taste can be bitter and even vile. Delim the brewer regularly. Water filtration systems in coffee brewers block contaminants, ensuring that your drinks are safe, sanitary, and delicious! Filters keep minerals and other particles from clogging your machine’s internal components. This increases its efficiency, reduces your energy costs, and prolongs the life of the equipment. These are some of the benefits of purchasing a coffee filter:

  • Consistently produces high-quality beverages without bitter taste caused by contaminants
  • Water quality is maintained even when water hardness levels are high
  • The compact design fits many standard machines
  • Both cold beverage and espresso machines can use the same filters
  • Drinks are made sanitary with built-in bacteria inhibitors


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