Amy Schumer Talks Endometriosis After Comments About Her Appearance

      • Amy Schumer, a comedian and actress, took to social media to discuss the symptoms of endometriosis.
      • The condition of endometriosis affects approximately 1 out of 10 women.
      • This condition is often called “the missed disease” because it’s difficult to diagnose and poorly understood.
  • Amy Schumer has revealed that she has endometriosis. This is a chronic condition where tissue similar to that which lines the uterus grows on the outside.
  • Schumer, 42 years old, responded to criticisms that her face looked swollen in recent media appearances.
  • I’ve been enjoying feedback and deliberation on my appearance for nearly 20 years, as do all women. You’re right; it’s puffier than usual right now. Endometriosis is an autoimmune condition that every woman needs to be aware of. Schumer wrote on Instagram, “There are some medical and hormone things going on right now in my life but I’m fine.”
  • Endometriosis affects approximately one in ten people who have uteruses.
  • The condition is not well understood and is often dismissed.
  • The symptoms can be as varied as the disease itself. For some, they may flare up with menstruation, certain physical activities, or even diet. It depends on the severity of the condition.

How endometriosis causes swelling

  • Endometriosis is a condition that causes pain, bleeding, and painful periods.
  • “While whole body swelling is not a frequent symptom, feeling swollen can be a common complaint,” says Dr. Chandrika Raho, a certified OB/GYN at Pediatrix.
  • It’s entirely possible to become pregnant with endometriosis, but many people, especially those with late-stage four stages of severity, where stage 1 is the mildest and stage 4 is the most severe.
  • Stage four endometriosis can cause thick adhesions to form in the pelvic region.
  • “Endometriosis is a serious disorder that can have debilitating effects, but it’s often an accident.” Rao says that not everyone with endometriosis experiences severe symptoms.

What causes endometriosis

  • Endometriosis is a multi-factorial condition that’s not fully understood.
  • Some researchers suspect the condition is due to “retrograde MenstruationTrustedSource, which occurs when blood from menstruation flows up through the fallopian tube and into the pelvic area.
  • It is believed that the blood contains endometrial lining cells, which adhere to other pelvic organs and thicken each month.
  • Some experts also believe that endometriosis can be caused by genetic factors as well as hormone dysfunction, previous surgeries, and immune system issues.
  • Rahman says that risk factors include having a family background, having no history of pregnancy, having an early menstrual period, having congenital disabilities in the uterus, and having a low BMI.
  • Endometriosis increases the risk of early menopause.
  • There is no way to prevent endometriosis, but there are strategies that can reduce the risk. These include hormonal contraception and exercise.

How to diagnose and treat endometriosis

  • Those who have symptoms of endometriosis will usually undergo a pelvic examination first.
  • If symptoms are present, an ultrasound may be performed to check for abnormal growths and ovarian cysts.
  • Laparoscopy is the only way for a doctor to confirm a diagnosis.
  • Endometriosis can rarely be cured. However, it is possible to treat the conditionTrustedSource and the painful symptoms that result from it with analgesics.
  • People have to try out different treatmentsTrustedSource before they can find the right treatment to alleviate their symptoms.
  • You do not require surgery to receive adequate treatment. Rao explained that it is often diagnosed due to pain in the pelvis and treated with medication.

The Bottom Line:

    • Amy Schumer has revealed that she has endometriosis. This is a chronic condition where tissue similar to that which lines the uterus grows on the outside of the uterus. The symptoms vary depending on the person but include pelvic discomfort during sex and when going to the toilet. It is difficult to diagnose, and there are no cures. However, treatments can be used to alleviate the symptoms.


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