Are You Feeling Unwell on The GAPS or Paleo Diet?

A few months back, I published a blog post about how the GAPS Diet could affect your digestive health.

That post was written from an authentic place. I didn’t mean to be rude or dismissive. I shared my personal and professional experience with this diet for digestive problems and how it affected my methylation and microbiome. It even caused me to think I was going to die.

The amazing thing that happened right after I posted the blog was incredible. Within 4 days, the post had been shared by over 20,000 people.

I began receiving messages via phone, email, Facebook, website, and website from people all over the globe thanking me for removing the GAPS diet dogma.

Many of these people were grateful to have been explained their health problems. They had experienced strange symptoms such as night sweats, insomnia, and intolerances to foods they used to enjoy.

I was told by some people that they felt bullied and vilified online because they didn’t get better. Undoubtedly, the GAPS diet was THE diet that should work for everyone with digestive problems.

I don’t know if you can believe it, but bullying of any sort is something I cannot stand.

Understandably, people want to share what works with them after being unwell for some time. I find it mind-boggling that people are now being shamed for not following an introduction diet properly.

Complexity is a hallmark of human nature. We are complex creatures. Because of this, we prefer to simplify our lives to make sense of the incomprehensible events that occur from birth to death. We prefer black-and-white solutions and linear progression.

Guess what? This isn’t how it works, I discovered.

So, I stand behind my statements and encourage you to question everything that has to do with your health. Be honest with yourself:

  • Do you feel worse?
  • Are you experiencing strange symptoms that you don’t remember having before?
  • Do you struggle to bring back foods into your diet?
  • Are you still having trouble with your journey to good digestion?


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