Food Additives To Avoid

Food additives are often found in packaged food, which is sad.

Many people who are health conscious may still be eating unnecessary food additives. This is because they don’t know the widespread use of these ingredients in foods that are labeled as healthy. You can’t avoid them by avoiding confectionery.

These additives are found in many products, including Bread and biscuits, sauces, cereals, dairy foods (including yogurts), ice creams, and snack foods. They have been associated with behavioral problems in children, antisocial behavior in teens, learning delays, and developmental delays.

Avoiding food additives is easiest if you avoid prepackaged foods and stick to fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and natural dairy (unflavoured and unprocessed). Some people will need to reduce the intake of prepackaged food as they transition to whole-food diets. In this case, it is helpful to be familiar with the categories to help you understand which food additives to avoid.

You will significantly improve your family’s health and your children’s moods and behavior.


Yellows: 102, 107, 110

Reds: 122-129

Blues: 131, 132

Green: 142

Black: 151

Browns: 154, 155

  • You will find confectionery, cookies, cakes, buns and biscuits, icing, jellies and crackers, savory snacks, and ice cream.
  • Side effects: They can cause hyperactivity, antisocial behavior, asthma, and allergies, according to studies.

Some countries ban the additives mentioned above.


Cochineal: 120

Annatto: 160b

  • You will find Breakfast cereals, snacks, processed cheese, yogurt, and ice cream.
  • Side effects: asthma, skin rashes, hyperactivity, a potential carcinogen. Cochineal has been linked with anaphylaxis in the US and is currently banned.


Sorbates: 200-203

  • Cheese spreads, cottage and cut cheese, and dried fruits will be found. Fruit juices, fruit yogurts, fruit juices, fruit juices. Licorice, low-sugar jams. Soft drinks.
  • Side effects: Asthma, skin rashes, hyperactivity

Benzoates: 210-218


  • Preserve cordials, juices and fruit-flavored drinks, soft drinks, and sauces are some of the items that can be found. PABA can be added to cosmetics, sunscreens and skin creams.
  • Side effects: Asthma and hyperactivity. Some countries ban certain numbers.

Sulfites: 220-228

  • Where to find: Dried fruit, potato products and dried coconut.
  • Side effects: Asthma and anaphylaxis; swelling; gastric irritation, diarrhea.

Nitrates, nitrites: 249-252

  • You will find Some cheeses, salami, corned meat, and ham.
  • Side effects: Asthma, cancer, headaches, dizziness, vomiting.

Propionates: 280-283

  • You will find Bread, bread crumbs and dressings. Some manufacturers have now switched to cultured milk and cultured rice. These have the same effects as propionates but are not healthier.
  • Side effects: Aggression, fatigue, migraines, hyperactivity, learning difficulties.


Gallates: 310-312

TBHQ: 319

BHA: 320

BHT 321

  • You will find butter blends and soft sweets, chewing gum, rice pudding, soft desserts, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, seasonings for instant noodles, soup mixes, cereals, grains, meats and baked goods with fat. Also snacks, oils for deep-frying, animal feeds and cosmetics. Plastic packaging is the majority.
  • Side effects: Hyperactivity, potential concerns, known estrogen- and hormone disruptors. It can affect fertility.


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