I Tried Cupping and Here’s What It Was Like

My doctor diagnosed me with the condition known as endometriosis. I was experiencing painful periods and persistent pain for the entire month. Two surgeries over six months showed me suffering from a highly challenging situation. When I was just 26 years old, being old, the doctor told me that I was due for a hysterectomy. It would be imminent for me.

Medically I did all the things that can be done. I was prescribed a medication that caused my hair to fall out and caused me to experience nausea almost every day. It was intended to bring me into the menopausal phase and, hopefully, give me time to decide what to do in the future. I spoke with an expert in fertility about the possibility of pursuing IVF before it became too late. Also, I saw an acupuncturist in hopes of easing the other issues.

I loved acupuncture, even if only for the only thing I was doing that gave me the impression that I could have control. My acupuncturist was fantastic in teaching me better about the body every appointment.

Then, one day she mentioned wanting to experiment with something new. It was then that I tried cupping. It was not quite as sensual as Michael Phelps or Gwyneth Paltrow claim it to be; I will say that to you.

Is this torture or healing?

The acupuncturist’s method of torture has always targeted my ears. Certain areas around your ear shiver down your spine when you put needles in the ear canals. If she poked my ears or even my feet, I was always aware that I needed to take a deep breath to keep myself from falling over the edge of my table.

However, she said my ears were linked to my ovaries, and I let her poke me each time.

It was a different day but. After focusing on my toes, ears, and my eyelids (yes, the eyelids) for a few minutes, my acupuncturist instructed me to lie on my stomach. “We’re going to try cupping you,” she said.

I had no idea what she was discussing; I instantly needed to suppress laughter. (Am I right, or is it just something dirty?)

She began pulling out massage oils, along with other treats. I became excited. After a few minutes, I believed I would receive a deep massage. The kind that someone who is constantly in a state of pain craves. As she began dripping oils on my back and gently rubbing the oils into my back, I was sure that this would be my most relaxing experience to date.

Then I saw her saying, “OK, this might hurt a bit.” A few seconds later, I felt my life was being taken away.

I want to say I am laughing; however, I am not. The woman had put an empty cup on my body, and I could feel it trying to squeeze every inch of my skin into it. Do you remember when you were a child, and you put the cup into your mouth, and then it suctions in there? It is different from the way it was.

It truly and completely sucked the breath out of me.

After regaining my composure after four cups, I asked her how she could get them to pull so tightly. She chuckled and replied, “Fire.”


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