You’re working out, but you aren’t seeing the results you want? Our quiz will reveal the best equipment to help you reach your fitness goals.

Only half of the battle is won by deciding to exercise. You’ll need to incorporate the right training tools in order to be successful.

This fun and quick quiz will help you select the best equipment for your needs.

Question 2: What is your main fitness objective?

a) Get lean

To tone up

To increase strength

All of the above


Question #2: What do you like to do?

Retail Therapy

Netflix and chill

Enjoy a BBQ with your friends

d) Sunday Sports at the Pub


What is your level of fitness?

a) Um… who’s Jim?

b) A little

My therapy is at the gym

d) I’ve got some skills


What’s Your Favorite Workout Song?

a) Fergalicious – Fergie

b) Stronger – Kayne West

Showtek – FTS

d) Eye of the Tiger – Survivor


What’s Your Favorite Lunch?

a) A salad and smoothie

b) Chicken wrap

c) A burger and chips

d) Tuna with rice


Question #6: What motivates you to exercise?

My bomb ass music playlist

B) Enjoying a donut without guilt

c) Try to achieve PR in every session

d) My gym buddy


You may have answered a majority of the questions…

A – Treadmill



Most likely, you’re the friend who says, “I’ll start on Monday.” You’re intrigued by the idea of exercising, but you don’t know where to begin or how to get started. You want to be in shape, so you’re ready to begin your fitness journey. Let’s start with the basics. Cardio machines are best suited to treadmills. Treadmills are easy to use and safe. They offer multiple intensity levels and include features such as speakers or headphone jacks so you can jam out while working out. Treadmills can help you burn calories, increase your physical activity, and get in shape.

B’s – Multi Station Home Gym


Balance is key in your daily routine. While you enjoy working out, it’s important also to relax and have fun. Although you have a vague idea of what to do in the gym, some guidance wouldn’t hurt. Although you are not afraid of lifting weights, it is not your strength. A multi-station home gym will be the perfect piece of equipment for you. Multi-station gyms are easy to use, user-friendly, and provide a variety of exercises. Multi-station gyms are great for toning, shaping, and tightening your body.

C’s Weights


You’ll light up with excitement when you hear ‘bulking’ season. You always include protein in your meals and never miss a day of leg work. The gym is your haven. You are on a quest to gain strength and muscle mass. You know that weightlifting is the best way to achieve your goals. You can target all muscles with free weights. By increasing your weights and sets, you can add progressive overload to your training program.



You love Netflix’s Kingdom and Mike Tyson! You have a long way to go in your fitness journey, but you are looking for something new. You enjoy working out with other people and are excited by friendly competition. Boxing will help you achieve your goal of becoming your healthiest, most fit self. Boxing is the perfect workout to reach peak fitness. It combines strength, endurance, and cardio. You can either compete in a friendly match or take some classes, depending on your preference. Boxing is a great workout, no matter what your goals are!

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