Why Proper Tattoo Aftercare Doesn’t Usually Include Using Vaseline

It’s crucial to keep in mind that tattoos involve the physical severing of the skin. Like other injuries, new tattoo wounds require air and dryness to heal correctly.

Unskillful treatment of your tattoo could cause various issues for the ink you’ve just purchased. The tattoo could become blurred, and some of the coloring appears like it has been washed away.

A tattoo that isn’t allowed to heal correctly could also leave a mark. You may be prone to infections that cause a mess in the design and result in other health problems.

It is essential to follow the tattoo artist’s recommendations for appropriate aftercare. Contrary to popular opinion, the aftercare for tattoos doesn’t not include the use of petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

Find out why this popular medicine cabinet item can harm tattoos more than good.

Is Vaseline or petroleum jelly suitable to use for tattoos?

Petroleum jelly-based products like the brand name Vaseline work by absorbing moisture inside the skin. They are particularly beneficial for dry skin issues mainly if it is they are seasonal.

But Vaseline does not make the best alternative for tattoos. This is because the trapping of moisture prevents the new tattoo from receiving air. The air that circulates over the wound can aid in healing.

You could be more vulnerable to infections when you apply Vaseline on the fresh wounds of tattoos. The symptoms of an infected tattoo are swelling, redness, and pus.

A tattoo that is infected requires prompt treatment, often with topical antibiotics, toto stop the infection from spreading. However, scar tissue may grow and ruin your tattoo.

It is best to avoid infections altogether. Ensuring that your tattoo is getting sufficient air can reduce the risk.

What is the best time to apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly over a brand-new tattoo?

The first 24 hours following receiving a tattoo is crucial for your post-care. The tattoo artist might suggest wearing a special bandage to provide extra protection. After a few days, you could be able to bathe safely, but you’ll need to be careful about getting the tattoo submerged in water during bathing.

When your tattoo is being covered, it could also provide a small time frame to apply Vaseline, as your tattoo has already been covered. But, confirming this by speaking to your tattoo artist is essential.

There’s generally no need to apply Vaseline on new tattoos at all. After the bandages have been removed, it is also recommended to be careful not to use Vaseline throughout the healing process.

It is possible to apply Vaseline on a more recent tattoo only after it’s fully healed. The only reason you should use petroleum jelly for the tattoo is to treat dehydrated skin nearby.

What is the best way to allow your tattoos to heal properly?

It’s essential to obtain fresh ink from a certified tattoo artist. They’re not just equipped with the expertise and experience required to provide you with a work of artwork that you’ll take pride in, but they’re aware of the best ways to care for your tattoos following your appointment.

The specific aftercare methods can differ depending on the stage of healing you’re at.

A newly tattooed area is bandaged for one to two hours. The tattoo artist can apply some aftercare ointment, but you must remove your bandage to let the wound air. After that, you must clean the tattoo area using antibacterial soap. Pat gently until dry.

The majority of tattoo artists suggest an ointment known as A+D. It is a mixture of lanolin and petrolatum, which can help shield your skin in the first few hours following having the tattoo.

After a few days, switch to a gentler moisturizing cream that is fragrance-free, like Lubriderm and Eucerin. It will also reduce itching that can occur as the healing process progresses.

Other aftercare tattoo tips include keeping the wound out of direct sunlight and submerged in water. Avoid picking at the itchy area because this could cause infections and scars.

It can take as long as the duration of three months for your tattoo to heal completely. It will be apparent that your tattoo is recovered when the scabs disappear by themselves and your skin no longer appears inflamed. When you reach this point, it’s essential to follow the instructions of your tattoo artist’s aftercare.

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