Symptoms and causes of peptic ulcers, which forced Springsteen to delay shows

Bruce Springsteen fans are hoping that he’ll return to the stage soon following his announcement that he’s receiving treatment for the peptic ulcer.

The E Street Band postponed eight shows in March due to Springsteen having been diagnosed with a commonly-suffered and painful stomach condition.

Peptic ulcer syndrome is a deterioration of the stomach’s lining. It is asymptomatic in some instances, while other cases are so severe that they cause patients to double over with pain. This is what two physicians claimed.

The reality is that Springsteen, one of the most well-known rock live entertainers and is taking so much time off can be a source of concern according to the doctor Dr. Lawrence Kosinski, who is a member of the American Gastroenterological Association’s executive board.

“That means it’s a significant ulcer,” he added.

Peptic ulcers are typically resulted from exposure to a specific type of bacteria, or through the frequent usage of some of the commonly used pa I nkillers. Thisincludes aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen.

Bruce Springsteen postpones concerts due to peptic ulcer illness

“It’s not limited to older people, but one of the main causes of ulcer disease in the world is NSAID use — your Motrin, your ibuprofen, all of those drugs that fall into the category of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,” explained doctor. Rabia De Latour, the gastroenterologist from NYU Langone Health. “If you have the substrate that’s susceptible to developing ulcers, it could take one dose to cause peptic ulcer disease.”

The symptoms include stomach pain as well as heartburn, bloating nausea, black stools and stomachache.

Doctors may need to conduct an endoscopy to determine the cause of the problem. Treatment typically includes protons pump inhibitors-which include Prilosec is one of the most common types of this drug and occasionally antibiotics. Most patients experience a full recovery and are able to return to work within a few days.

“It could be really bad because he’s having symptoms, or it bled or it could be perforated,” De Latour said. “Or it could be nothing. When it’s nothing, people don’t even take time off from work.”

Because stress can cause more of symptoms, it might be beneficial to reduce it while undergoing treatment, she said.

“He is a very high-earning individual and has a lot of doctors around him. They might say, ‘It’s impossible for us to say that that stress isn’t contributing to it,'” De Latour said.

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Springsteen was scheduled to perform Thursday evening at Syracuse, New York, later in Baltimore on Saturday.

Two gigs scheduled in Pittsburgh as well as single performances that were scheduled in Uncasville, Connecticut; Albany, New York; Columbus, Ohio; and Washington, D.C. The shows were also canceled.

The next concerts on E Street Band’s schedule will be an eight-gig Canadian tour that will begin on the third of November. 3. Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Ulcers are very common and we treat them very, very effectively, and people return to totally normal lives,” Kosinski declared. “It all has to do with what his complication was, if he had a complication. But most people would be able to resume normal activities within four to six weeks.”


Bruce Springsteen performs with the E Street Band in Monza, Italy, on July 25.Sergione Infuso / Corbis via Getty Images file

In the wake of Wednesday’s announcement Springsteen delayed two shows that were scheduled for August. 16-18 in Philadelphia in the midst of an unspecified illness. The concerts have been rescheduled for August. 21 and 23, 2024.

After the setback, Springsteen recovered enough to show twice during the weekend in Foxborough, Massachusetts, then perform 3 shows in MetLife Stadium in his native New Jersey over Labor Day weekend.

The shows ran for around three hours just a bit short of his peak days of performing for four times as long however still impressive for a 73 year old.

“He takes care of himself, but ulcers are merciless; they can attack anybody,” Kosinski stated.

Patients suffering from peptic ulcer disease are typically advised to limit their intake of painkillers and cut down on alcohol consumption.

“Alcohol and rock? I couldn’t imagine those two words being used together in the same sentence,” Kosinski deadpanned. “Alcohol can definitely be an exacerbating factor.”


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