Facial Cupping: Benefits, Risks

The facial cupping procedure is a popular cosmetic technique that makes waves on the web for all good reasons. Cupping the face and the head is done similarly to cupping the rest part of your body. Cups are available in different shapes to suit your facial features. Contrary to body cupping, which can leave bruises or marks on the cups, This gentle process leaves no marks.

Cupping can be especially effective when you are not feeling the most at yours. In this post, you will learn more about this treatment, its benefits, and adverse side effects. Read on!

What Is Facial Cupping? How Is It Different From Body Cupping?


Cupping is an old Chinese alternative therapy that involves the therapist using suction cups placed on your skin to stimulate muscles. Like gua sha, as well as acupressure and face acupuncture. This type of alternative treatment also aids in improving your overall health. It can be performed on your body as well as your face. Athletes, in particular, utilize cupping for a variety of reasons. It can ease discomfort, ease the inflammation of muscles, ease tension, boost blood flow, and encourage the regeneration of cells. It can also be used for an intense massage to help relax and for facial rejuvenation. It can also improve overall well-being.


It was believed that the ancient Chinese believed that the practice of cupping could improve the circulation of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), through the whole body. Although the practice is connected to traditional Chinese medical practices, evidence from the past suggests that the ancient Egyptians also utilized cupping therapies.

The body and facial cupping use the same concept to increase overall wellness. However, the method in which they are performed differs.

Facial Cupping

  • It is less invasive than cupping your body.
  • The cups used to treat facial cupping are smaller than the ones used for body cupping.
  • The cups gently pull your skin back and refresh it without leaving marks.
  • It is primarily employed to improve your skin and minimize your appearance wrinkles and wrinkles.


Body Cupping

  • It is used primarily to relieve pain and stiffness.
  • It leaves traces of marks that are necessary to heal.
  • The marks are the result of waste that accumulates within your body. They fade when the lymphatic system processes this debris. This lymphatic drainage aids the process of detoxification and natural healing.


The common materials used to create the cups comprise:

  • Silicone (mostly used to treat facial cupping)
  • Bamboo
  • Glass
  • Earthenware

Are you curious about the process of facial cupping? Read the next section to learn what to expect from the face-cupping session.

Facial Cupping: How It Works

Facial cupping is a great approach to improve your skin radiance. It improves circulation, reduces puffiness, the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines, among other things. However, you should consult a professional if you are a beginner, as improper techniques may lead to bruises and marks. If you want to try it at home:

  1. Practice cupping your legs and arms to determine how much pressure to apply to your skin.
  2. If you have broken skin or active acne, avoid facial cupping altogether.
  3. Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any side effects or bruising.

The procedure for facial cupping is incredibly easy. A typical session lasts one-half hour. Before the therapist begins the treatment, they cleanse your skin, apply massage oils to your neck, face, and chest region, and gently massage the area.

They use cups made to order that are typically smaller than cups used for body cupping.

  • The therapist places the cup upside down on your face.
  • The reverse suction produced through the cups creates a vacuum, which raises the facial tissues.
  • The therapist will then move the suction cup, causing the appearance of a facial massage.

 Quick Tip

The irritation and redness on your skin following facial cupping can be normal. The irritation will disappear after a few hours.

The facial cupping process helps to improve blood circulation. Massages can rejuvenate facial tissues since they are receiving more oxygen. Your skin will feel clean and fresh. There are many benefits to facial cupping. Please read the following section to discover what they offer.


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