Get Glowing Skin with Facial Cupping

The ancient practice of facial cupping is therapeutic, rejuvenating, and widely used in the world of holistic health. But if you have not been aware of or tried it, you may be reluctant to try it. Although facial cupping is very popular with famous people like Kate Beckinsale, there still needs to be some clarification about what it does. It’s a fact that facial cupping is a distinct procedure from body cupping, which has an infamous reputation for leaving the appearance of bruises and marks.

We’ll walk the reader through what you will get from facial cupping and how it’s utilized in Maison Ito.

What is facial cupping?

Cupping your face is a non-invasive cure for stress practiced for centuries in medicine. If done by a certified expert, face cupping can be easy and intensely comfortable. This treatment is excellent with facial massage because it helps reduce inflammation, ease pain, and increase blood flow.

Glass or silicon cups are placed on the skin of the face for a short time to provide a robust and deep massage. The suction cups help relieve tension in the muscles and help promote the repair of skin cells. Additionally, it increases the blood flow to the skin, reduces fluid, and smoothes the appearance of fine lines like guasha facial cupping is recognized for bringing an organic glow to the skin.

The origins of cupping

Cupping is a common practice and is a common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is why many believe it originated in China. Contrary to popular opinion, research suggests the early days of Egypt as the source of cupping therapy for healing. Evidence suggests that this holistic cure was utilized to treat ailments in Egypt in 1550 BC. In China, the ancient Chinese book written on silk is the first recorded cupping, dating to 186 BC.

Various ancient civilizations utilized hollowed-out horns or gourds as their cupping instruments. They would later be substituted with bamboo ceramics, glass, and bamboo as this ancient method traveled throughout Europe. In the period from the 9th Century through around the time of the 15th-century field of health and medicine was constantly evolving and growing, including cupping. To the end of the nineteenth Century, physicians frequently utilized cupping in Europe and America. While cupping’s popularity declined in the 20th Century, it was still used throughout the health field.

How do they work?

This technique uses suction cups to loosen the skin and surrounding tissue. By doing this, facial cupping lifts, shapes, and tones the skin while releasing the muscles. Cupping massages the skin’s deep layers and, when applied to the lips and around the eyes, make them appear more healthy and plump. The facial cupping process also helps cleanse the skin by stimulating the lymphatic system as well as encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Muscle pain could be linked to stagnant fluids or poor circulation. Hence, facial cupping can help improve blood flow and less inflammation, allowing quicker recovery. Since it helps the muscles of the face, cupping has been proven to ease pain in the teeth, headaches, and nasal congestion. Most people will see the effects of facial cupping within a few sessions. Expect more youthful and radiant skin after this ancient healing treatment.

Benefits of facial cupping

Face therapists from Maison Ito Emilie Celine talked to Beauty editor Carla Reinhard in Bolero Magazine last autumn about the healing properties of cupping and why it could be the next facelift. The holistic health practice offers many benefits to the body and skin. Last year, Carla Reinhard, beauty editor at Bolero Magazine, wrote that cupping could be the latest facelift. Under the skin, the facial cupping process loosens connective tissue, which increases blood flow permitting oxygenated blood to flow into the face. Because it improves circulation, cupping helps to remove stagnant blood and helps to reenergize the beginning. It also increases the flow of lymph and helps improve lymphatic drainage. Eliminating lymphatics from your face using cupping can reduce puffiness and remove any toxins from the beginning.

On the surface, facial cupping helps reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and lines. Cupping’s suction helps smooth facial skin by removing its layers, making it softer and contoured. Under the skin, this natural skincare method improves facial muscles and helps to soften scar tissues. Although facial cupping might be daunting for those who are new to the practice, this old practice is very soothing. With the relaxing music, aromas, and comfortable atmosphere at the spa, cupping can even help you sleep!

Most frequently asked questions about cupping.

Does it cause harm?

Cupping facials are a soothing and painless experience. Many people with facial cupping enjoy the experience and feel they complete the relaxing spa experience. Since the face must be adequately lubricated before the experience commences, some claim that facial cupping is like a kiss!

Do they leave any evidence?

The skin may appear red throughout the treatment as it indicates that blood has reached the skin’s surface. The redness, however, will fade eventually, and no visible marks will be the wake. Facial cupping doesn’t cause skin bruising or terrifying red spots.

Who are you putting facial cupping on?

This treatment is suitable for those who want to lessen puffiness on the skin, increase the circulation of the skin or fight signs of aging. If you’re suffering from muscle pain or strain, facial cupping can help. In addition, it’s perfect for those who want to relax and take care of their skin!

How does my skin feel after a single session?

Following a facial cupping session, you’ll experience glowing skin and the appearance of a pale, rosy face. Your skin will be silky to the touch, and your lines will become less noticeable. Cupping your face is great before an event of a significant nature, like a wedding, and will aid in preparing the skin to be ready for makeup.

Cupping your face with the help of a professional can help you achieve a younger appearance and make you feel good. In Maison Ito, we utilize the ancient and healing practice of cupping to provide an organic radiant look for your complexion. Are you willing to give cupping a go? Choose The Facial Cupping add-on from our menu of experiences when you make an appointment for the first time you experience facial cupping. Our highly skilled facialist, Emilie, will treat your skin with a relaxing treatment as you put all your concerns behind us in our tranquil space in the middle of the city.


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