Health without limits? Meet Unlimit Health

Unlimited Health, formerly SCI Foundation, launches a five-year plan to improve health equity by tackling parasitic diseases.

Unlimited Health, formerly SCI Foundation, launches today an ambitious 5-year strategy that sets out a brand new direction to improve health equity by tackling parasitic diseases. The process is the result of a thorough analysis of global health and development issues.

The strategy recognizes that the COVID-19 Pandemic and the significant reductions in funding have compromised the progress made in the last decade. This includes the elimination of parasitic infection. The strategy focuses on the importance of system resilience and equity as the core of development efforts. It also aims to shift the focus from funder-driven agendas towards one that is driven by local ownership, sustainability, and local ownership.

In this spirit, the organization decided to align its strategies with the three pillars in the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Road Map for Neglected Tropical Diseases. This will enable a stronger focus on programmatic action, multi-disciplinary approaches, and national ownership. This represents a paradigm change from the delivery of interventions to health equity and strengthening health systems.

Wendy Harrison, CEO of Unlimited Health, describes:

“We know NTD programs go beyond just controlling the parasitic disease. They are also about improving health and wellbeing in communities and ensuring a health system that is sustainable and can meet all of the needs of these communities. In our new strategic plan, we have emphasized our commitment to support our partners, the Ministries of Health, in achieving that broader goal.

In line with this new vision, Unlimited Health has been adopted as the new name of the organization. Yael Velleman is the Director of Policy and Communications.

Our previous name did not reflect what we were trying to achieve: elimination, strong country systems, and health equity. Our new strategy would have to align itself with our partners’ needs, and we needed a name to help us fund and implement it.

The strategy and the new visual identity were developed in collaboration with the organization’s allies and partners. 

Unlimited Health is a name that comes from the brand’s core purpose: health for everyone without limits. The name Unlimit Health describes the organization’s desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives every day.

The logo is a combination of the letter U and a parasite embedded in a droplet of water.

Unlimited Health is a global initiative with a bold goal: To end parasitic diseases in communities affected by them. In the next five-year period, we will continue to work with affected countries to share evidence and expertise in order to eliminate preventable infections.


What we do:

Unlimited Health is an international organization that works to eradicate parasitic diseases.

The organization works with the ministries of health to develop solutions for each country that will eliminate preventable infections. This work strengthens the health system so that people can lead healthy lives free of disease. It was founded in Imperial College London as the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative two decades ago. Later, it became an independent organization operating under the SCI Foundation. Unlimited Health is the name registered today.


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