How Often Should I Be Moisturizing My New Tattoo?

When Should You Moisturize a New Tattoo?

It is recommended to start applying moisturizing creams to your tattoo as soon as possible, and they should not stop for a while. Love affirms a pressing need to keep your new tattoo moisturized. Moisturizing can help to prevent scabbing from occurring and help to promote healing.

“During the healing process, you should moisturize your tattoo three to six times a day,” Ladna advises. “Keeping your tattoo hydrated during the initial days is especially critical. If your tattoo becomes too dry, the healing may actually take longer, and you may risk losing color saturation.”

“Once your tattoo is fully healed after three weeks, any damage to the epidermis will be regenerated and your tattoo will settle into your dermis,” Ladna continues. “This natural process of healing also changes the appearance of the tattoo. After your tattoo heals, any time the outer layer of your skin is dry it can make your healed tattoo look less crisp than the day you got it. That’s normal. However, moisturizing your epidermis can give your tattoo a crisper and more fresh look.”

What Should You Moisturize a New Tattoo With?

The lotion is the most obvious choice. However, the ingredients it has can make a difference. “The best moisturizer is an oil-based emollient, but these can be tedious to use because they can be difficult to spread on the skin,” Love says. Love. “And they can leave a greasy feel and appearance to the skin, leading to decreased usage.” This is why you should go for a gel or balm instead. If they are specifically designed to heal tattoos and healing, they’re an excellent option (and tend to be more convenient as well).

There are also components in lotion that you need to stay clear of. “Products containing ingredients such as fragrance, lanolin, and parabens should be avoided because of the risk of irritation or allergic reaction,” suggests Love. It’s important to note that these reactions can happen even after a tattoo has been repaired. I don’t want to wear socks made of wool ( lanolin is made from wool) since they irritate my lower ankle and leg tattoos that I’ve had for a long time.

What Other Aftercare Tips Should I Keep in Mind?

  • Don’t overdo it: “The most important thing to keep in mind during the aftercare of your tattoo is to keep an even hydration level,” says Ladna. “Moisturize your tattoo, but don’t overdo it. A thin layer of cream is enough, and it’s better to apply it more frequently in thin layers.”
  • Clean it: Ladna recommends washing the tattoo at least once daily, along with three to six applications of lotion and other tattoo-healing products.
  • Sun, not Sun. No long-lasting water: “Another important aftercare protocol is to avoid the sun and avoid the jacuzzi, sauna, and swimming pools for three months,” Ladna tells us.
  • Consider your immune systemYou might not have considered how having a tattoo affects the body’s stasis. However, being in good shape will contribute to your healing capabilities. “Keep your immune system strong so that you bounce back, especially after long sessions,” suggests Ladna. “Take vitamin C before and after your session, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and get some rest if you can.”
  • Keep Saniderm on for a short time: Saniderm wraps are thought by many as a blessing. They eliminate the initial few days of messes and care required for tattoos and can stop the scabbing process in the beginning by holding healing plasma close to the ink you’ve just applied. However, putting them on for too long could cause issues. “I typically do not recommend keeping it on for more than four days,” says Ladna. “Beyond that, removing the Saniderm and starting traditional aftercare by cleaning and hydrating is important.”

How Often Should I Moisturize My Tattoo After It Has Healed?

In the long-term, the skin tattooed doesn’t require any different moisturizing requirements compared to skin that has not. However, moisturizing tattoos can be crucial to ensure they stay at their optimal. “New tattoos (within a few days) may have a higher absorption rate due to the epidermal damage allowing for an easier passage,” Says Love. But, “once healed there is no difference in absorption rates between tattooed skin and not tattooed skin. It should be moisturized based on your needs, at least once daily.”

If your tattoo appears dry or dull, you should consider moisturizing. It’s simple for tattoos on a part of your body where people are inclined to rub lotion on your legs or arms often. However, if the tattoo is located on another part of your body and isn’t moisturized regularly, you should look to determine if the area is suffering. Integrating this step into your routine of skincare will aid in keeping your ink fresh and clear.

The Final Takeaway

Moisturizing the tattoo is an essential step to speed up healing. It is recommended to start soon after having the tattoo and repeat at least three times per day for approximately three weeks. Also, wash the tattoo every day or twice per day. Avoid direct sunlight, don’t spend time in hot tubs, and keep that dip in the ocean until after the tattoo has healed. If your tattooist applied a bandage made of Saniderm and you can skip the first couple of days of care, keep it for up to four days. Begin washing and moisturizing after removing the bandage. After healing, a regular moisturizer will keep your tattoo looking clean and fresh.

If you can keep swimming for three months after tattooing ink, you’ll be doing yourself and your tattoo a tremendous service. But it will only sometimes be 100% feasible. So, do your best. “Most people spend a lot on tattoos, so it’s wise to take care of them and do your homework on self-care,” advises Forte. “Freshwater is fine to splash or wash off with, but if you can, avoid pools and the ocean as long as you can.”

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