SCI Foundation appoints new members of the Board

SCI Foundation announces the appointment of two new advisors and three new trustees to its Board. This follows a thorough and open recruitment process that aims to add additional expertise and experience.

Joining the existing Board of Justine Frain, Peter Dranfield, and Jon Gorrie are:

Abena Afari is an international consultant in development with experience in campaigns and advocacy. Her expertise includes:

  • A variety of sectors, including economic justice and climate justice,
  • Sexual reproductive health rights and gender equality,
  • Accountable governance.

Kathryn Ager has worked in a variety of sectors, including health, sustainability, and charity, as well as the public sector.

Arielle Dolegui has expertise in the design, implementation, and evaluation of neglected tropical diseases (NTD) programs. She held positions at World Vision and Unleash. She was also co-founder and president of GDOi. She served as Chair of the NGO Network.

Max Seunik was the Chief of Staff of Zenysis Technologies. He is a former Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, and Portfolio Manager at Great Challenges Canada.

Carolynne Wheeler is the Head of Communications at BBC Media Action. She was previously Head of Global Media for WaterAid and held positions at BBC NewsThe Globe and Mail, and The Sunday Telegraph.

Justine Frain said that the interim chair of the Board, Justine Frain stated:

We are thrilled to have such passionate and talented individuals on our Board. They will provide invaluable insight and experience to SCI Foundation in developing our new innovative strategy.

Wendy Harrison, CEO, commented:

We feel extremely fortunate to have a Board of Directors with such a wealth of experience and insight to help us develop our new strategy and to hold us accountable for its implementation.

“We will not make the progress we need in all those neglected tropical diseases until we have the right tools, and more tools to try and really address the needs of the patients the right way.”

Dr Harrison concluded

“We wanted to raise the awareness of NTDs creatively, and we knew that having youth interpret them through their lenses is a great way to engage different audiences. You can see that the creativity of the participants and the sheer number of responses was outstanding.

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