Unlimit Health announces the appointment of its CEO as co-President

Unlimited Health is pleased to announce that Dr. Wendy Harrison, its CEO, has been appointed as co-president of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene with Professor Margaret Gyapong.

The official announcement was made at the RSTMH Annual meeting, ‘Tropical.’

The event was held at Conway Hall, London, on the 28th and 29th of September.

The meeting will bring members, fellows, and supporters together from around the globe to share information, learn about the latest ideas and research, and encourage collaborations.

Professor Gyapong is, Director of the Institute of Health Research and the Coordinator of the Centre for Health Policy and Implementation Research CHPIR at the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ghana.

Professor Gyapong:

“With less that a decade left to achieve sustainable development goals, and plans to implement an entirely new strategy, my co-President Dr Wendy Harrison and myself pledge to work closely with key stakeholders to identify and address current global health challenges as best we can.”

“I am thrilled to contribute as coPresident. I will bring together a diverse array of global experts to not only drive RSTMH’s priorities forward but also to address the broader challenges we face today in the changing global health landscape.” added Dr Harrison.

RSTMH aims to improve tropical medicine through increased awareness.

Access and equity in global health care

Unlimited Health congratulates Professor Gyapong and Dr Harrison on their respective awards.

RSTMH wishes RSTMH all the best in their future priorities.

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