What to look for in a tattoo shop or artist

If you’re sure of what you’re looking for, consider it an indication that you’re prepared to move on to find an artist. Have your friends see whether they can recommend a particular store and ask Google or Instagram to direct you in the right direction.

Here are a few things to be thinking about while looking through your options:

Check that your artist and shop have the correct licenses

A simple Google search will tell you the rules and regulations regarding tattoo licenses. Each state has its own unique rules; therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of the laws in your area.

When you’ve identified the type of work you’re looking for, be sure that the artist and shop you’re considering are certified. The parlor’s license should be displayed on its website and the shop’s wall.

Be on the lookout for the health of your family and overall hygiene.

Most trustworthy shops are odorless and have clean floors and workstations. If the smell is like old gym socks, make a turn and go to the next stop you’re looking at.

If the shop can pass the visual test, speaking with the artist you’re considering regarding their tattooing methods is essential. Tattoo artists are required to utilize single-use needles as well as inks to prevent cross-contamination. The same applies to gloves and bandages, swabs, razors, and other items your artist could use should be new.

Please show respect to the Gauge Shop and inquire whether the artist is willing to consult.

Also, be aware of the store and artist’s professionalism and style. You’re about to allow an individual to inscribe an image onto your skin permanently. To be able to do that, you must be confident with the artist and their work.

You want your artist to be as enthusiastic as you are or at least recognize your passion. However, remember they’re not obliged to collaborate simply because you enjoy their portfolio.

If you feel like you need to get along or like the overall feel of the store, Moving on to the next shop is lovely. Make sure you acknowledge the creator for his time before you leave.

What does a session like, and what questions to discuss with your artist

Everything is covered if you’ve been through this far in our guide.

To conclude, Here’s how you’ll interact with your tattoo artist and the process of getting your tattoo is likely to unfold:

  1. Contact the artist or shopkeeper for prices and schedule an appointment.
  2. Talk to the artist about your ideas and goals.
  3. Confirm the concept with the artist, and confirm the cost. If any revisions are required, and you need to make them, you can set an appointment with the artist to review the final version before setting a date for your tattoo.
  4. Aspirin (Bayer) and Ibuprofen (Advil) are prohibited during the 24 hours before your appointment since they could reduce blood flow. This also applies to drinking alcohol too. It is possible to use Acetaminophen (Tylenol). However, check with your physician before taking the medication.
  5. Make sure you wear clothing that protects the tattooed area visible. If you can’t do this, choose a garment that is easy to slip into or out.
  6. Be at an appointment 10 minutes earlier. Make sure to bring cash to tip your waiter!
  7. Complete any forms and, if necessary, make any finalizations to your concept.
  8. The artist will accompany you to their studio. You may have to remove or roll up any clothing blocking your tattoo’s location.
  9. The artist will clean the area using disposable razors to remove any hair.
  10. The artist will then place the tattooed design onto your skin. Then, move the stencil around as much as you’d like until you’re satisfied with the position!
  11. When the design is in place, the artist will outline the plan before applying any colors or gradients.
  12. Once your artist is done after they’ve finished, they’ll scrub the tattoo area, wrap it up and show you how to treat it.
  13. Remember to leave a small tip for your artist after you pay! It’s standard to go a premium of at least 20 percent; however, if you’ve had a great experience and can give more, do it.

If you’ve got any remaining questions, make sure to ask them before leaving the store. The best time to ask questions is when the artist wraps your skin.

You’re here now, so take a screenshot or print this list of frequently asked questions you’d like to discuss with a consultant before committing to an artist.

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