Feeling Unwell On The GAPS Or Paleo Diet: Is It Time To Call It Quits?

A couple of months ago I wrote a blogpost that went viral about how the GAPS diet could mess with your digestive health.

I wrote that post from a place of authenticity. I wasn’t trying to throw a rock at anyone, simply sharing both my personal and professional experience of this diet for digestive issues and how while experiencing initial improvements on the diet it ended up affecting my methylation, microbiota and food chemical detoxification pathways so much that I got to the point where I thought I was dying.

What happened shortly after posting the blog was nothing short of astounding. The post went viral and within 4 days over 20,000 people had read it.

I started receiving messages via email, facebook, website and phone from people around the world thanking me for dispelling the dogma that has become the GAPS diet.

Many of these people were truly grateful for being given an explanation as to why their health was worsening and they had developed puzzling symptoms like night sweats, insomnia and intolerances to previously tolerated foods.

Some people shared with me that they had been feeling bullied and vilified on forums as apparently it was their fault they weren’t getting better as there was no question that the GAPS diet is THE diet that apparently should work for all humans with digestive issues.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand bullying of any kind.

I totally get it that when we’ve been unwell for a long time and find something that works for us we want to share it with everyone we know. But from there to going to the extreme of shaming people because apparently they haven’t done an introduction diet well enough is mind boggling to me.

Humans are complex in nature. Because of this complexity, we like to simplify life to make sense of the unintelligible events that surround us from birth to death. We like black and white answers and linear progression.

But guess what? I’ve found that this is not how it works.

So I’m here to stand by my statements and to encourage you to start questioning everything related to your health. Ask yourself honestly:

  • Are you feeling worse?
  • Have you developed weird symptoms you didn’t have before?
  • Are you struggling to reintroduce foods back into your diet?
  • Do you keep hitting a stumbling block in your path to healthy digestion?

Use your head, not other people’s comments on forums to guide your inner wisdom. Listen to your gut instinct and move on!

It might just be the decision that gets your digestion back on track.

Alessandra is hosting a free webinar on 29th September on How to Reclaim Your Gut Health When GAPS and Paleo Have Failed.