Winter brings with it a number of additional health risks. This is not news to seniors. Winter is a time of increased health risks. The flu spreads quickly, COVID continues to be a concern, and the conditions are wetter, increasing the risk of falling. This is a good reason to continue your fitness and health routine.

Seniors need to stay active during the winter months. As we age, our bodies degenerate. It is important to keep our strength up to reduce the chance of illness or injury.

Here are four winter exercises for seniors.

1. Warm up before you workout

Pilates and yoga are two excellent low-intensity exercises that can improve our flexibility, core strength, and mobility.

3. Strength training is a must!

Strength training is important for older adults for many reasons. Strength training preserves muscle mass and strength, lowers blood pressure, and increases bone density. Strength training will help older adults reduce their risk of osteoporosis, frailty,y, and other conditions.

Strength training can also improve the mental and emotional health of seniors. Feeling strong and healthy can do wonders for your mind. It can boost their self-confidence, independence, and lifestyle.

Strength training doesn’t need to be intimidating. Strength and bone health can be maintained with a combination of resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.

4. Don’t forget your cardio

Cardio exercises are the best way to improve your heart and lung function, which is important for preventing cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, especially during the winter. Cardio training includes everything from a brisk stroll to a fastened running. Cardio training can be easily done at home with the proper tools.

Installed in your home, these machines can be used whenever you want. All of these cardio machines are safe and easy to operate, making them ideal for older adults.

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