Do you hate your cardio exercises? You’ll be able to improve your life if you keep reading! The latest fitness trend, HIIT training, will turn your cardio workouts upside down!

What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of cardio exercise that involves bursts at maximum effort for a short time.

This type of training can give you amazing results fast!


To give you a better idea of the effectiveness of HIIT, research shows that you can burn about the same number of calories during a 20-30-minute HIIT exercise as you can during a steady-state run of 50-60 minutes. You read it correctly. This means that you can burn 450 calories within 30 minutes.

What are the benefits of HIIT training

There are many benefits to high-intensity interval training. You can combine cardio and weight training in a single session. While HIIT uses lighter weights than a typical strength training session, it can be incredibly effective at reducing fat and increasing lean muscle mass.


If you’re new to weight lifting, HIIT can help you overcome your gym anxiety. After you have mastered weight lifting exercises during your HIIT sessions, you will feel more confident in the weight room.


HIIT also has the advantage of requiring little or no equipment in a very short period. If you don’t have the time to go to the gym or are restricted in your access to equipment, then HIIT may be a great way to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are just a few benefits of HIIT:

  • It can help you to burn a lot of calories within a short time.
  • It is effective for weight loss and muscle building.
  • It can help improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • You can combine strength and cardio into one workout.
  • It can help you overcome gym intimidation.
  • We can teach you how to properly weight train.
  • Requires little to no equipment.
  • Exercises can be performed in many different settings and require very little space.


Does interval training help with weight loss?

Studies show interval training is better for weight loss than continuous training. High-intensity exercise exhausts oxygen delivered to muscles. This causes our bodies to use fat as an energy source.

Does HIIT work better than cardio?

HIIT may be the best cardio workout, depending on your goals.

If you want to lose weight, HIIT will be a better workout than steady-state cardio. We have already mentioned that high-intensity interval training burns a greater number of calories during a workout than LISS (low-intensity steady state). It also helps you to burn more calories after your workout. It is because intense exercise puts our recovery systems into overdrive. We then burn more calories for the next 24 hours following exercise.

HIIT also builds more muscle than steady-state cardio. Weights are not used during a morning jog or on a spin bike. You can add weights to your HIIT workouts by using dumbbells or slamballs.

Types HIIT Training





TABATA is a type of TABATA that involves alternating between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for any number of rounds.


Two examples of TABATA work are shown below.


EMOM is an acronym for “every minute on minute.” You have one minute in which to complete the “X” number of reps when using this type of HIIT. The rest period is the time remaining if you complete the exercise before the minute expires.


You can rest for 35 seconds after completing your first EMOM. For example, if the exercise is 50 mountain climbers. The second exercise will start when the next minute begins.

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