Double Ear Piercing: Everything You Need to Know

What Is a Double Ear Piercing?

Double ear piercings are two piercings placed next to each other in the lower portion of the earlobe. In most cases, double ear piercings are performed one at a time. A single ear perforation is completed, and the second one is added later. But new trends in the fashion industry have led to two piercings simultaneously well-liked (plus it can save time because you don’t have to come in two times).


PLACEMENT Two ear-piercings can usually be found on the earlobes but can also be placed in the ear.

PRICE: $25-$50 per piercing; however, some studios may charge a separate fee for jewelry

PRINCE LEVEL “I’d rate it as a three out of 10,” says Workman.

Healing Time: 6-8 weeks

Aftercare: Clean both piercing holes daily using a sterile saline solution. Be careful not to rub the piercings with things to prevent irritation.

How Does a Double Ear Piercing Work?

Double ear piercings work in the same manner as one piercing. However, it is multiplied by. The sides and the back of the ear are cleaned. The lobe is marked to indicate where the piercings are put. Once it is time for the piercing procedure, your piercer can employ clamps to draw the skin taut or pierce it by hand, which will be more convenient for the individual. After that, the needle passes through the ear, creating an opening, which is sealed with the push of the jewelry and then into the. The procedure is repeated for the next hole.


Lobes are considered one of the most pain-free places to receive a piercing, so you shouldn’t feel too much. It’s an immediate pain that will subside over a few hours or even minutes after the piercing has been completed. “I always compare it to a flu shot so clients can decide for themselves, as everyone’s pain tolerance [is different],” says Workman. Aten on the pain scale for one person could be a two for another. “Two people getting the same piercing may have two completely different experiences,” says Siple.

If you’re getting two first piercings simultaneously, the second piercing is expected to be a little more painful than the first one since the body is still trying to heal.

Healing Time

Double piercings are likely to heal within 6-8 weeks. Don’t play with the piercings or try to replace the jewelry before the time for healing is over, as you could be irritating the piercing, which can cause an infection.

Cost of a Double Ear Piercing

A double ear piercing can cost between $50-$100. Single piercings typically cost between $25 and $50.

The cost of getting a perforation is contingent on various aspects, such as the shop’s location, the experience of your piercer, and the ear you’re hoping to be piercing. “Each studio sets its own prices,” Siple says. Simple. She also advises that you must “always double-check with each individual studio and ask if the jewelry is included,” as certain studios will charge an additional fee.


“Aftercare is the most important thing our clients can do to help their piercings heal quickly and safely,” Siple says. Simple. “The less the piercings are touched, the faster they heal.” The aftercare for the piercings of both ears could seem like an extra effort when you consider that you need to perform it twice. Still, cleaning both piercings simultaneously is possible (so you won’t require any additional steps).

The most effective method to take care of your piercings is to begin by washing your hands to make sure they’re as sterile as possible. After that, you can saturate a sterilized cloth with a solution of saline as well as fill up a tiny jar with salt for a soak. If you opt for the pad method, gently press it against the back and front of both piercings while squeezing the cotton to let the saline solution out.

If you’d instead soak the piercing in a solution, rest it in the solution for a few minutes until the piercings are completely saturated. “The key is to avoid touching and manipulating the earring, as this will cause additional irritation and delay wound healing,” Wang and Wang. Wang as well. Wang.

Side Effects of Piercing

“If the piercing is not properly cared for, inflammation and infection are possible, leading to yellow discharge, [a] persistent warm or throbbing sensation, redness, burning, itching, or even headaches,” report Wang as well Wang.

  • An inflammation If you observe the piercing site swelling abruptly, and it doesn’t seem to diminish, you’re probably suffering from an inflammation (rather than the usual swelling that happens when you have a tattoo). While it’s not a huge issue by itself, it could be a sign of something much more severe, like an infection, making it something to be aware of.
  • The condition: If you’re worried about inflammation or other symptoms, like a susceptible piercing area or fever, you could have an infection in your puncture. Consult a doctor immediately to prevent the disease from becoming worse.
  • Yellow discharge A further indication that something is incorrect with your piercing is the piercing’s site emitting yellow liquid. Although the off-white liquid seen during the first few days or so is perfectly normal, if something that appears like green or yellow lingers in the days following the time the piercing was done, there is something incorrect with the piercing you just received.

How to Change Out a Double Ear Piercing

The double-pierced earring, similar to an earlobe stud that is only one, can be replaced at home. However, you should ensure it is completely healed before. “Changing out the jewelry prematurely can result in numerous issues, and once the jewelry is removed, [it] has the potential to swell shut–resulting in loss of the piercing completely,” Workman says. Workman.

To determine whether your piercing has finished healing, you should check that it’s not bleeding, red, swollen, and creating the appearance of a skin crust and tender to contact. A healed piercing should be able to move without any force. Workman suggests applying a little Vaseline around the piercing site to make moving the jewelry in and out easier. However, to ensure the healing process is complete, ensure that you can move the piece comfortably without ointments before you apply them.

If you need more time to do your jewelry’s first (or 10th) change, You can always go to your piercer to have them take care of it for you. This way, you’ll be assured that it’s safe and is done correctly.

What Type of Jewelry is Used For a Double Ear Piercing?

There is a vast range of jewelry that you can pick from after your piercings heal, but you’re generally restricted to the size of a tiny stud until the day comes. Small studs are small bits made of metal with an attached backing that holds the round, fixed side of the stud against the ear.

What Jewelry Material is Used For a Double Ear Piercing?

  • Gold: If you like the appearance of gold jewelry, it is entirely feasible (and secure) to select jewelry of gold. Certain gold jewelry, such as white gold, may contain nickel, so check using your piercer to ensure you won’t be allergic to the material. Your gold must be higher than 14 karats. Wang and Wang recommend 18 karats as smaller amounts could contain harmful bacteria.
  • Implant-grade steel: Steel is the most popular type of metal used in implants because it’s virtually unproblematic and comes in various shades. Surgical steel can irritate the skin if you’re allergic to nickel sur.
  • Titanium is nickel-free, so it is the most suitable choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Titanium is also available in various colors and styles, meaning you won’t have to fret about not getting a stylish look when you choose titanium.

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